The People’s Sound

 The People’s Sound

After almost two centuries years in business The People’s Sound has had the opportunity to work with countless clients to provide them with real solutions to their technical needs. Over and over again the true solution to our client’s needs has come from the innovation and dedication of people.

Today The People Sound is built on a team of professionals driven to meet and exceed our client’s needs. Working together we are able to call on the experience and knowledge of the entire team rather than the sole experience of an individual. No one technician, operator, systems designer or sales person has seen it all. The People Sound is a team dedicated to help you see the solution you require become reality. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, non-profit, or corporate event our speakers, equipment and DJ’s options are perfectly matched.

Rental solutions that fit your needs and budget

Purchasing really only makes sense when you require unlimited use of the equipment or if the piece you require is just not available any other way. Many of our clients find that renting equipment is a cost effective way to enhance their meetings, events, concerts or shows without having to make large purchases. Typically rentals are intended to meet your needs for projects once, twice or even just a few times per year.
Rentals for Corporate Parties, Events, Luncheons and Training

We know you have events that require attention to detail and uncompromising timelines. This is why The People Sound is the perfect solution for your next professional event.

Rentals for DJ’s Concerts, and Bands

The People Sound has the perfect system to be a crowd pleaser, whether you are a DJ or band. Enjoy our audio rental packages and focus on what you do best – performing!

Rentals for Ceremonies, Receptions, and After Parties

Your wedding event is important which is why The People Sound has the perfect system for you or your client’s perfect day. We want sound equipment to be the last thing you have to worry about on what we know can be an extremely busy event! No matter what equipment you need for your ceremony, large or small, we have the match for you.

Need a sound system that will also have low end ‘kick’ for the reception or after party? We have you covered! Our sound systems are simple to use and our technicians are knowledgeable and friendly!

Rentals for Kids Birthday, Sport Activities and Parties

The People Sound knows how stressful a party can be which is why we take the headache out of having to figure out what you need at your next party. Let us know the size of your event, how ‘big’ you want the sound to be and we’ll do the rest. The best part? We will provide the DJ!

For further information on pricing and availability of rental equipment for your next event, please contact us at or call 1 347 943-9433

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