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DJ Speed

Queens, NY

DJ SpeedE was born in June of 1985 and raised in Queens, NY. As a child he discovered his love for music. At the age of 13 dee-jaying became SpeedE’s way of expressing his passion for music. SpeedE then began dee-jaying many private parties within his neighborhood. After a couple of years he began dee-jaying at some of the top clubs in queens. DJ SpeedE’s West Indian background allowed him to perfect blending and mixing the music of the Caribbean.

Once DJ SpeedE grew as a DJ he perfected his skills in mixing all genres of music. DJ SpeedE currently dee-jays at the hottest clubs in Queens: Maracas Night Club, Moka Lounge and Underground Lounge. In 2009 DJ SpeedE and his colleagues formed the DJ group “Team Magnum DJ’s”. DJ SpeedE along with the members of Team Magnum look forward to growing in the DJ industry.

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